Mummy's Impulse Buy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

After many attempts in associating me with cars, and finally, naming me Greddys.
Mummy has again... Decided to put another 'car' into my life! Oh DOG~

I dun understand her obsession with a car-dog bed

And why are all my stuff RED?~!
I am a boy you know?

Here a little sneak preview of my item:

Not bad looking after all =D
Purchased from

Mummy isnt Happy

I must have been a bad dog for pee-ing in GongGong's room.

All I heard was PoPo's repeated comment saying that Mummy never bring me out, thats why I pee-ed in their room.

Mummy felt bad and explained that she went out at 12nn, and I was home with Junior, GongGong and Auntie Sabrina. Mummy mentioned that she thought either one of them would bring me out to do my usual business. And since Auntie Sabrina is bringing Junior out, I thought she would bring me out for a walk b4 bringing Junior back to her place.

All PoPo mentioned was GongGong is unwell, cant possibly bring me out.
What about Auntie Sabrina?
Mummy has always been fair to bring both of us out for a walk even though Mummy wants to bring me out after that. (Junior and me!)

Mummy was upset, she couldnt sleep well

Why hadnt PoPo told told Mummy that GongGong had already brought me down for a walk/Pee?

Mummy just found out from GongGong yesterday that he had brought me out for a walk already.

Mummy is so furious.

Why is it so complicating?

Walked = Walked...

I dun understand what PoPo was trying to do.. (Oh DOG!)

I cant wait for Daddy to be back soon!


I can bark!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mummy asked Auntie Joyce to open the door today instead.
I didnt know they were back... All I know is, I hear barking and Junior and I tried to bark back...
I saw mummy and Auntie Joyce delighted !

Ahhh... I can bark! My vocal cord is not broken!

Mummy and Auntie Joyce brought me down for a walk.. Mummy bought me a new retractable leash! Thinking that it would be useful for me... o.0"

I am surprised to see Uncle CL and Auntie Felicia today!
Auntie Felicia said I have grown bigger! (Or longer?)
Now I m missing Scotty. The poodle with the high-high curly hair @@@

Daddy is still not back yet =(
I miss Daddy alot! Jumping with Mummy aint that fun as with Daddy...
I can still remember Daddy singing "Daaa-Xianng... Daaa-Xianng... " to me right after his shower.
Aww.. I am missing Daddy

I cant wait to chew Mr Snoopy now...

Mr Snoopy~~

A Day Out

Mummy brought me to West Coast Dog Run last evening for a walk.. or rather run..

Daddy's not around, so gotta take Daddy's car.. but Uncle Chris is driving us there..

I was overjoyed when I saw my friends! Ruski, Maxim and Xiong Xiong.

Mummy dunno how excited I was when I saw the 2 Huskies. I tried to run along with them.. But they have longer legs. They ran so quickly! Uncle William kept mocking at my short legs =(. But hey, its cos of that which me me cute alright? Nevertheless, I know Mummy and Daddy still love me.

I had a great time playing with the 2 Huskies, leaving Ruski barking (madly) at them, I dunno what he wanna do.. he kept barking and hiding under the table...

The floor was wet, but Mummy didnt mind, but poor Ruski, he was traumatised by Xiong2 and Xin2 that he rolled on the floor and whined for help. Auntie Joyce saw le, heart pain, ran over and saved him. Ruski look like Junior's coat after that!

We went for a great shower at Uncle William's house. His daddy bathe me instead... I canT stop laughing when I saw the look at Uncle William, Auntie Joyce, Uncle Chris and even Mummy when they heard Uncle William's Daddy said that the conditioner needs no washing off.

I wonder how itchy I would be...

We went Farm Mart for dinner, I was sitting obdiently at the chair. However, I dunno what had gotten into me when I saw a huge Mongrel. I barked and whined non stop! The whole Kampong was staring at me! I must had disgraced every one (i am sorry). Mummy was terrified! She asked Uncle William for help, who suggested choking me at my leash! Choked, I sat quietly on the chair again, leaving that Mongrel laughing at me.

Right now, Mummy is so worried! Cos she was at Pet Lover's to buy me a choker chain (again!) and she realised that they, the human cannot use chokers on we, the Dashchund! (Hurray!)

She is very worried now.. Cos it is believed that we have softer vocal cords... I might turn dumb =(
Mummy wish she is home earlier to to check if I can bark.


Mummy was caught in the rain

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today, Mummy came home and nag non stop. She looked silly, she was drenched!
She called herself chicken in the soup.

Mummy talked non-stop the moment she enters the house. I dont know if she is talking to the 15-year-old-Silky Terrier, Junior or talking to me.

When Mummy was in the shower, I realised she has bought some stuff for me!

She said its good for our (Junior and me!) teeth.

I have secretly taken picture of them! =D~

Mummy Made a Blog for me!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello World!

I am Greddys, the friendly HotDog.

I love showing of my Sausage Body

I love swimming

I love taking a Nap at the leg room while Daddy is driving

If I am not tired (or the bumpy journey makes me lose my nap),
I will find all sorts of ways to disturb my Daddy and Mummy... Like...

Pretending to be the Gear Knob

Press the power window button at Daddy's side or disturb Daddy while he is driving

When I grow up, I wanna be a soldier like Daddy!

Daddy and Mummy loves to make me look silly when I am sleeping:

See what they have done to me!


Hear No Evil